V-Shaped Auto Roll Filter

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Commercial Building


Product Features

Operating Conditions

Continuous operating temperature: Max. 80°C Operating relative humidity: ≤100 (%RH)


Material: Synthetic fiber Thickness: 10mm Length: 15m (per roll)

Efficiency (EN779:2012)

G3, G4


Material: Epoxy powder coated cold rolled steel

Power Supply

Voltage: 50 Hz (110V / 115V / 200V / 220V / 230V 60Hz (110V / 220V / 240V) Power consumption: 200W (1/4HP)

Control Features

Control Box: Logo/ pcb controller and electric control Default: Power supply indicator, media usage indicator, manual/ auto controller Optional: Motor operation signal output, pressure difference indicator


1. The air flow data above are calculated by using air velocity at 2.5m/s.
2. Multiple units are merged when the width is greater than 6ft.

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