Replaceable High Efficiency Ceiling Module (Gel-Sealed Type)

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Pharmaceutical & Laboratories

Healthcare & Hospital

Nuclear Power Plant

Product Features

Operating Conditions

Continuous operating temperature: Max. 80°C Operating relative humidity: ≤100 (%RH)


Material: Stainless steel (SUS 304) / epoxy powder coated SPCC / epoxy powder coated aluminium

Filter Efficiency (EN1822:2009)

H13, H14, U15, U16

Filter Brackets

Material: Galvanized steel

Box Casing

Material: Epoxy powder coated SPCC

Optional Accessories

Thermal insulator: PE


Material: Epoxy powder coated SPCC


1. Side air outlet model only available with square port
2. Dimensions above is suitable for mechanical-sealed and design with PAO testing port
3. Tolerance of performance initial pressure drop is ± 10%

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