FCS AC FFU Group Control System

Product Features

• Overcomes large-scale FFU alternating current control problem with comprehensive functions.
• Multiple working areas/zones group control allows FFU that are distributed at different floors or different locations to be controlled according to working area/zone. It also allows FFU in same working area/zone but located in different room to be controlled according to group.
• RS-485 communication module, integrated hardware installation, system low investment and easy installation.
Centralised control of FFU’s initiation, stop, fan speed and timing. Operation of the system is simple
and energy saving.
• Auto display of fan speed and FFU malfunction indicator allow accrate positioning of FFU and diagnose
the fault message.
• Auto initialisation of FFU by group sequence prevents power supply disruption due to large-scale system
being initiated synchrnously at the same time.
• 4-stage password control system allows a comprehensive and easy management of user.
• User-friendly system incorporated with multiple languages such as English, simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese, suitable for users from different countries and regions.
• FFU initiation utilizes low current, thus prevents power supply disruption.

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