Filter testing was originated from America in 1930 (ASHVE and AFI code). It was then reviewed and modified in 1967 and 1968. ASRHAE collaborated with American National Standard Institude (ANSI) in 1992 to create ASHRAE-ANSI 52.1. Finally updated to ASHRAE 52.2 in 2007.
EUROVENT 4/4 and 4/5
Eurovent 4/5 was established in 1974 by modifying existing ASHRAE 52-68 to suit the applicationS in Europe. Eurovent 4/5 is catered for primary and secondary filter while Eurovent 4/4 is catered for high efficiency filters.
EN 779
It was the first European’s Air filter test method in 1993, built on the foundations of Eurovent 4/5. This standard was modified later in 2002 and 2012. Only covers primary and secondary filters.
EN 1882
It is the improvisation from Eurovent 4/4 in 1998. This standard was modified only once in 2010. It covers high efficiency filters (E10 and above).

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