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Germicidal efficiency: >99% Formaldehyde / TVOC removal efficiency: >95%

Product Features

UV-C Light (Ultraviolet Sterilisation)

UV light can generally be catagorised into 4 different wavebands.
C waveband (UV-C): With sterilisation effect at the wavelength of 275-200 nm
UV light at the wavelength of 254nm comes with high germicidal effect as it can be easily absorbed by living organisms. The photon energy ables to disintegrate DNA and RNA molecular structure of microorganisms. By breaking the structure through photochemical reaction, the microorganisms lose the ability to reproduce and thus leading to death of the cells.

Photocatalytic (Photocatalyst)

Nano photocatalyst is activated when specific wavelength of light is emitted and utilised. This will lead to the generation of electron-hole pairs and it then allows the photo-catalyst to react with the H2O and O2 molecules. The production of hydroxyl free radicals will enable the harmful contaminants to be captured and subsequently disintegrate the molecular structure and inhibit the growth of germs and viruses.


Nano Photocatalytic Purification Unit (Single-Ended Probe)

  • Flexible design: can be installed at any openings of the air conditioning system such as fan coil, air ducts, AHU supply and return inlets.
  • Utilises high power dual-band 254nm wavelength UV light without ozone content. Sterilisation efficiency is higher than 95% and UV light lamp can last more than 12000 hours.
  • The catalyst utilises titanium oxide and high temperature film coating technlogy that further optimises the photocatalytic activities.
  • Manual or automatic switch with air flow sensor which synchronises operation with the fan unit are available.

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