FLONET Direct Current FFU Group Control System

Product Features

• High control capacity
•Able to perform real-time monitoring and control 50,000 units FFU.
•Short response time.
•Convenient installation through ID registration.
•Remote control of MayAir FLONET system.
•OPC communication protocol.
•Optional email service function.
•Difference color display feature to indicate the FFU working condition.
•Able to perform individual toom, area and all FFU control. This control is done by feature shown in software as individual/ port/ server/ all FFU.
•Mouseover function on FFU for speed and exact address display.
•Operationg and error log can be recorded by the system.
•Able to indicate individual FFU power consumption.
•Perform real-time statistic of FFU condition for the whole system.
•Timer setting function in MayAir FLONET
•Able to set FFU operation according to the working hours in factory.
•3 level of authorities: Administrator, operator and guest for high security.

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