Fan Filter Unit

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Food Processing Industry

Pharmaceutical & Laboratories


Product Features

Operating Conditions

Continuous operating temperature: Max. 80°C Operating relative humidity: ≤100 (%RH)

Casing Construction

Material: Galvalume / stainless steel / aluminium

Uniform Air Flow Distribution

Speed Controller

Type: None / manual speed controller / small scale centralized speed controller

Low Energy Consumption

High efficiency blower

Low Noise Level

High total static pressure

Optional Accessories

Air inlet prefilter, downstream diffuser, pressure gauge, pressure guage port for filter pressure drop monitoring, cleanliness monitoring port, DOP testing port, air inlet collar, five-speed controller, humidity monitoring port, remote control, European plug and others


1. Test point of noise is 1.5m below filter downstream.
2. Test point of air velocity is 0.15m below the filter.
3. FFU sizes can be customised upon request.
4. FFU power consumption in above tables is based on FFU initial performance.

FFU Performance Curves

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