I-Grid Ceiling System

  • Fire Rating: >1 hour
  • Thermal Conductivity : <0.044 W/mk
  • Resists Temperatures: >1000oC
  • Water Absorption: Moderate
  • Compression Resistance: >40Kpa
  • Noise Absorbing, at 125Hz: 0.07
  • Density, kg/m3: 100
  • Compressive Strength: 150 kPa
  • Flammable Gas Toxicity: Less
  • Core Intenerate Temperature: >850 oC

Product Description

CEILING TEE I-Grid Ceiling Tee
DIMENSION Height: 42mm, Width: 33mm
MATERIAL AL Alloy (6065-T5)
PANEL TYPE 50 mm (t) rock wool panel

Panel edge sealed by 0.8mm GI sheet made framework

PANEL DIMENSION: Thickness – 50 mm

Width and Length – 1187mm*2400.

APPLICATIONS Cleanroom non-demountable caulking wall system.
FACINGS 0.5 mm PE Roll Coated

Static Dissipative Surface Treatment Conductivity: R= 106Ω-109Ω or non-conductivity surface

The surface is covered with a plastic foil (0.05mm) for the prevention of transportation or installation damages.

Color: grey white

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