Disposable Primary Filter

Product Highlight:

  • High performance, firm structure, pleated design
  • Imported high quality fluffy filter media, high dust loading capacity.
  • Efficiency:G4


Product Description

Filter Applications:

Disposable primary filter suitable use in AC ventilation system with high air flow compressor, return air duct of cleanroom to prolong the service life of secondary or tertiary filters as well as coarse particles filtration system of a building.


Structure Description:

M-DP has a simple yet firm structure. It comprises a double layer die-cut paperboard and a filter media. The paperboard is moisture proof, high temperature resistant and disposable. Each intersection point is tightly sealed to the filter media to strengthen the structure, to maintain the flatness of the filter media as well as to maintain the distance between each pleat. The filter media is a mixture of non-woven fabrics and synthetic fibers. It has a fluffy structure, high dust loading capacity and low pressure drop.

This type of disposable primary filter media is tightly sealed with a layer of expanded metal wire mesh. The distance between each pleat is specially engineered to allow air passage and to achieve high dust loading capacity. The expanded wire mesh is added to strengthen the filter media layer and to reduce the shaking of filter media during operation. This will aid in the prevention of secondary pollution. M-DP can be classified into three performance grade, namely DP30, DP20 and DP10 based on the density of the pleats.

Semiconductor Air filter application


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