Chemical Filter Media

Product Highlight (Removal Capacity)

  • Hydrogen sulphide: 14% minimum by weight
  • Sulphur dioxide: 7% minimum by weight
  • Nitric oxide: 12% minimum by weight
  • Formaldehyde: 2.5% minimum by weight
  • Targeted Contaminants: Sulphur oxides, nitric oxide,

Product Description

Product Applications:

S-1000 is used for sulfur oxides and odor removal in the fresh air unit inlet. Sulfur oxides mainly originate from combustion process of fossil fuels. S-1000 is also applicable in return air system for the removal of pollutants generated from office furniture and human bodies.

Product Features:

Continuous Operating Temperature : 10~95 %RH
Operating Relative Humidity : -4°F to 125°F (-20°C to 51°C)
Air Flow : 42.5~17000CMH
Velocity : 0.30~2.54m/s
Efficiency : >99.5%
Anti-bacterial Or Anti-fungal Growth : Yes
Physical Properties : Moisture content – 35% maximum
Hardness – 35%~70%
Abrasion – 4.5% maximum
Bulk density – 50lbs/ft3 (0.8g/cc)±5%
Nominal pellet diameter – 1/8” (3.175 mm)
Potassium permanganate content – 8% min
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