Electronic Air Cleaner (AHU Standard Type)

Product Highlight

  • Average efficiency:F8(EN779)/MERV15(ASHRAE52.2)
  • PM2.5 removal efficiency>90%
  • Microbes removal efficiency>90%
  • Noxious gas removal (formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC etc.)

Product Description

Product Applications:

Having a solid state power supply, EAC-AC can retain aerosols smaller than 0.01μg with long filtration efficiency. Due to its low resistance (20pa), it has a very low power consumption (39W). During the operation, dust, tiny particles and microbes are carbonized at the collecting plate for the prevention of secondary pollution. MayAir’s EAC has a lifetime of 15 years and it is recyclable. It is approved by CE, RoHS, National Air Conditioner Center, Shanghai Center for Disease Control and Prevention, China Academy of Building Research as well as ASHRAE 52.2 Standard.

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