Electronic Air Cleaner (Fan-Coil Standard Type)

Product Highlight

  • Equipped with working status, alarm and fault indicator
  • Safe and reliable
  • Equipped with pre-filter to protect the EP parts
  • Easily operated; ultra low resistance
  • Low power consumption
  • Easily removable ionic cell for cleaning and maintenance.

Product Description

Product Applications:

Coated with anti-rust paint; simple yet elegant design; equipped with working status indicator and cleaning reminder; safe and reliable; equipped with pre-filter to protect the EP parts; easily operated; ultra low resistance; low power consumption; easily removable ionic cell for cleaning and maintenance; equipped with air flow detector for EAC protection and power saving; comes with different dimensions (based on requirements)

Product Features:

Continuous Operating Temperature : 4~52°C (Not suitable for flammable environment)
Single Pass Efficiency (PM10) : 92.3% at 1.25m/s
Single Pass Efficiency (PM2.5) : 93.7% at 1.25m/s
Without Panel Type : Can combine with return air duct
With Panel Type : Can be installed on ceiling, wall or cabinet
Indicators : Operation, cleaning and malfunction indicators
Power Consumption : Low
Low Initial Pressure Drop : 7.4~10Pa at 1.25m/s
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