Medium Efficiency Bag Filter

Product Highlight:

  • Firm metal frame structure.
  • High dust loading capacity, low pressure drop.
  • High quality multi-layer fluffy synthetic fiber as filter media.
  • Ultrasonic sealed pocket structure.
  • Efficiency:F5,F6,F7,F8,F9

Product Description

Product Applications:

The expanded filter surface is specially designed for stable and high filtering performance. Having a few filter dimension options, it is widely used in the clean room system of pharmaceutical industries, automobile industries, food industries, electronic industries as well as the ventilation system of industrial plant and commercial buildings.

Product Features:

  1. Firm non-leakage frame structure. Frame is made of double layer of U-shaped aluminum alloy. The pockets are supported by the support grids locked inside the metal frame. They are tightly pinned by the adjacent support grids and locked by specially designed lock knots to avoid media drop off. All the metal sides are rolled inwards to prevent scratching during installation or replacement.
  2. High quality multilayer non-woven synthetic fiber filter media . The media consists of 4 layers of tightly sealed non-woven synthetic fiber which have low pressure drop and high dust loading capacity. The needle-shape layer and micro-fiber layer of the media would ensure high filter efficiency.
  3. Ultrasonic sealed pocket structure. The three sides of pockets are ultrasonic sealed while the corner of the back empty sides are tightly sealed with glue to ensure its rigidness under harsh working environment. The pockets are supported by strengthen grids and uniformly divided into several air passages to ensure maximum expansion and uniform air flow. The pocket-shape increases the media surface area for higher dust loading capacity and lower pressure drop.

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