Filter Plates

Filter Plates

Product Application

Cement, Electronics, Cigarettes, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Laser Cutting and other High Concentration Dust Industries.

Filter Material Selections

  • MA/PE260 Polyester Fibre
  • MA/LR240 Oil and water resistant polyester fibre
  • MA/AL 260 Anti-static treated polyester fibre
  • MA/FM260 Coated polyester fibre
  • TE/FM260 Donaldson coated polyester fibre
  • ZC/200 Polyester microfiber felt

Product Description

Standard Features:

Polyester Fibre, Needle Felt

Product Features:

  • Availability of various sizes
  • Shapes and filter material to choose
  • Wide pleat distance, shallow pleat depth, increase in effective filter area – high dust holding capacity
  • The head structure of venturi optimizes the airflow guidance Low pressure drop, low energy consumption
  • Longer service time, low maintenance cost
  • Easy to install

Download High Temperature Filter Catalogue: Click Here

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