Vacuum Convey Machine Filter Cartridges

Vacuum Convey Machine Filter Catridges

Product Application

Widely used in shipbuilding, large steel industries, locomotives, containers and other industries. Suitable for vacuum and suction system.

Filter Material Selections:

  • MA/PE260 Polyester fibre
  • MA/LR240 Oil and water resistant polyester fibre
  • MA/AL260 Anti-static treated polyester fibre
  • MA/FM260 Coated polyester fibre

Product Description

Standard Structure Features

Polyester fibre

Product Features:

  • Wide pleat distance, easy for dust cleaning
  • High efficiency filtration
  • The head bottom cover is made of plastic, iron, ABS, EPDM and other materials
  • Galvanised anti-corrosion metal structural parts Rubber ring seal
  • Multiple installation methods: round flange, jet 3, jet 4, square topcap

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