Gas Turbine Air Intake Filter Cartridges

Gas Turbine Air Intake Filter Cartridges

Product Application

Mainly used in air inlet filtration of central air conditioning, gas turbine generator plants, oxygen plants, steel plant oxygen station, blast furnace blast air compressor station, power plant and etc. It can be used to replace GE, SOLAR, SIEMENS, ALSTOM, MITSUBISHI.

Filter Material Selections:

  • HV/130 HV filter paper
  • MA/CE 125 Wood Pulp fibre
  • MA/FM260 Coated polyester fibre

Product Description

Standard Structure Features

Wood pulp fibre

Product Features:

  • Wide pleat distance, easy for dust cleaning
  • Opened at the top, bottom opened/closed/closed with small mounting hole
  • Galvanised metal
  • Rubber ring seal

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