Clean Booth

Product Highlight

  • Lower capital cost
  • Lower installation time
  • Dimensions can be altered based on requirement
  • Ensure the cleanliness of work space

Product Description

Product Applications:

  1. After passing through primary filter, indoor air will pass through FFU for secondary filtration. The clean air delivered from FFU will ensure the cleanliness of work space. Besides, the air velocity is capable to carry off dust and tiny particles from the clean area.
  2. The installation of clean booth is easy. It can be assembled based on the guideline given. Compared to clean room or other clean facility, it requires lower capital cost, lower installation time and lower operating expenses.
  3. It is equipped with anti-static soft curtain to prevent dust accumulation on the surface. This will ensure high performance and high reliability of the product.
  4. High flexibility. The dimensions of the unit can be altered based on clients’ requirement.
  5. It comes with a very light square bracket or aluminum alloy bracket design. Equipped with anti-static box wheel, it can be moved and relocated easily.
  6. It is recommended to locate the clean booth at the air outlet point of the room to prolong the service life of filter.
  7. The soft curtain should be cleaned with alcohol for dust removal before installation.
  8. The unit is not suitable in area with high dust loading, high humidity or area easily exposed to acid and alkali.

Product Features:

Filter Efficiency

(EN1822:2009) H13, H14, U15, U16

FFU Material

Aluminium + SPCC / SPCC / Stainless Steel

Supporting Frame Material

Epoxy Powder Coated Steel

Control Box Material

Epoxy powder coated steel

Curtain Material


Baffle Plate Material

Epoxy Powder Coated Steel

Cleanroom Class

Class 100/ Class 10/ Class 1

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