Bag-In Bag-Out

1. Modular assembly, easy installation, high flexibility
2. Professional welding process
3. Outer frame is spray coated with steel or stainless steel
4. Integrated system with zero leakage valves
5. Each module is equipped with a pressure test hole for PAO scan test
6. All products will go through examination before delivery. On-site testing can be provided upon request
7. Accessories- PVC bag, pressure gauge

1. Widely applicable to industry with high risk or strict isolation requirement, such  as chemical and biological shelter (CB), chemical, biological and radiation shelter (CBR), nuclear, biological and chemical shelter (NBC), isolation rooms in hospitals, pharmaceutical facilities, food production industries, biological research centers, genetics and biotech labs, industrial discharge system, petrochemical facilities, animal disease research centers, radioisotope processing facilities, nuclear plant, strategic nuclear facilities, D.O.E facilities, military bases and so on.
2. BIBO is normally integrated with air discharge system to prevent leakage of harmful contaminants. The installation, replacement and testing of filter media are done using a PVC bag to prevent contact between air purifying unit and the environment. This can ensure the safety of operators and its surrounding.

Product Description

Structure Description
1. Highly flexible modular assembly. Unit can be assembled based on air flow and available space.
2. Zero leakage valve technology ensures product reliability.
3. High precision welding technology ensures product reliability.

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