V-Shape Semi-HEPA Filter


  • Low pressure drop V-shaped filter design.
  • Non-separator design, glass fiber filter media.
  • High dust loading capacity, long service life.
  • High performance

Product Description

Product Applications:

V-Shaped Semi HEPA filter is a heavy duty filter applicable for system with either constant or variable airflow. Specially designed thermoplastic rubber septum is used to maintain the distance between each pleat and to ensure passage of air under lowest pressure drop. The V-shaped filter has a bigger surface area which can lower down the power consumption and the operational cost.


Product Features:

Continuous Operating Temperature : Max. 80°C
Operating Relative Humidity : ≤100 (%RH)
Media Material : Fiberglass
Frame Material : Galvanised steel / Aluminium / ABS
Frame Thickness : 292mm
Frame Header : Non-Header / Single Header / Double Header (Thickness: 20mm)
Efficiency : E10, E11, E12 (EN1822:2009)
Separator Material : Hot Melt Bead
Sealant Material : Polyurethane Glue


Download V-Shaped Semi HEPA filter Catalogue: Click Here

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